Introducing… cat Jet!🖤 Jet is a nine month old kitten who initially entered the shelter as a newborn with his mom. ⋆

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Introducing… cat Jet!🖤

Jet is a nine month old kitten who initially entered the shelter as a newborn with his mom. He was adopted and returned a month ago for “litterbox issues”. That’s not the phrase I would have used to describe his severe fecal burning, leaking liquid stool, and poor body condition. His vet team jumped into action and over the course of the past month, he has had so many, many medications, supplements, special diets, and tests that have not brought him much relief. Are you ready for the list?

– EN diet
– HA diet
– Negative in-house and IDDEX fecals
– Negative parvo SNAP
– Negative fecal PCR
– Metronidazole x2
– Panacur x2
– Pyrantel
– Ponazuril
– Clavamox
– Miritaz
– Meloxicam
– Buprenorphine
– Psyllium husk
– Fortiflora
– Animax

He is now trying Tylan powder, another probiotic, a new diet, and slippery elm. The poor guy can’t make it to the litterbox and was getting so dirty in his shelter condo, so I set him up in my extra shower to give him more space and a quieter environment.
If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to shoot me a message! Although please, I’m begging you not to recommend boiled chicken and pumpkin. That ain’t gonna do it, I promise.😅

@themarigoldkittencrewcat  said.


Goodnight from my scrawny shower kitten. He tends to clean himself to the point of vomiting fur because of the diarrhea, so he got his tail and back legs soaked in warm water tonight to help him out a little. And afterwards? A nice, (medicated, probiotic-filled) midnight snack. 😴

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@themarigoldkittencrewcat  said.

Jet cat update!🖤

First off, yes his lil paws are crossed because I interrupted him mid-eating. Second, he has been on a new diet for almost a week now and a couple new supplements (including an herbal one the vet gave me that he really loves for some reason lol). His stool has been on a journey for sure…right now we are less leaky, but still liquid, BUT having slightly formed stool every once in a while in large amounts. So I think that’s progress.

His other big issue right now is cleaning himself, so he gets soaks as often as he will allow. He used to vomit up fur frequently, but thankfully that hasn’t happened in a few days.🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

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Just a video of  cat Jet munching on his special food.

He’s been having solid stool!!!🎉 I think it has been a combo of the Tylan powder and the novel proteins. I was tired one night and tried mixing the powder into his food—so he went on a hunger strike because it tastes gross and the next day he was having diarrhea again. I went back to syringing it in his mouth and his stool looks much better. Once it’s entirely back to normal, my goal is to help him out some meat on his bones

@themarigoldkittencrewcat said.

How I make meals for Jet, three times a day. Right now gets @stellaandchewys rabbit meal, @honestkitchen digestive supplement, slippery elm, and a probiotic. Tylan powder is twice a day, so not shown here. He also gets @proplancat HA dry food, also not shown here.

He’s been having solid stool for almost a week now! It’s not perfect and he still has odd moments of bloody or less-than-solid poop, but his gut is still healing after months of struggling. I’m still not sure if it’s the food, the Tylosin, the supplements, or everything combined but it’s working!👏👏

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@themarigoldkittencrewcat said.

Well I may have gotten Jet’s diarrhea under control in the past two weeks, but he is now struggling with vomiting. A few hours after every meal, his food comes back up. Dry food, wet food, dry and wet food—doesn’t seem to matter. I never really mentioned it because I was so focused on what was coming out the other end, but now it has become a major issue. I’ve been able to manage it with Cerenia, an antiemetic, but that’s not a long term solution.

Next week, he is getting full bloodwork and an abdominal ultrasound. I am so very nervous for the results as his options are dwindling. He needs to put on weight—he is turning into a skeleton cat at 3.7# and 10 months old.

But he is so very happy as you can see is this blurry video. He needs a crate upgrade now that he’s not having trouble making it to the litterbox. But for now, he’s happy. He just wants attention. He makes me sad though.

@themarigoldkittencrew  said.
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